St Thomas of Acon - South Eastern Counties


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We are delighted to extend a very warm welcome to you and introduce our website for the Province of the South Eastern Counties of the Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon, which will provide information and insight into our wonderful Christian Masonic Chivalric Order, as we strive to live our lives based on the fundamental principles of Humility and Charity.

The Commemorative Order St Thomas of Acon completes the Masonic Knight Templar experience rather beautifully in that it encourages an exemplary practice of the gentler lessons of our wonderful Knight Templar Order – namely: Humility, Brotherly Love in Practical Charity with Care and Concern for Others – it is, we believe, expressly encouraging us, if you will, to bring out the inner Almoner in all of us, by teaching us to put into practice in our daily lives, these wonderful precepts - so that as good men - we may become better men, day-by day.

It is a uniquely English Chivalric Order Based on a true historical account that can directly trace its "heart of service" back to the Crusades and it includes a number of quirky and yet enormously endearing customs and usages. (For example: The first thing you must do after filling in your Name on the Application Form is to select your “Nomen”. This is the style of name that you would like to be known as within the Order – it is usually your first Name followed by a location of your choice. In my case I am known as “Sir Roger of Canterbury”).

We have absolutely no doubt that those of you who wish to develop your “Inner Almoner” further, will benefit from the lessons evident in St Thomas of Acon story. Our members tell me that experiencing the thought provoking spiritual nature of our Ceremonies and the unique manner in which they are conducted, makes this a very special Order indeed.Within the South Eastern Counties we have 6 Chapels. These Chapels meet at Masonic Centres throughout the South East of England and are within reach of the members in the Province.

In order to participate, members must be a subscribing member of a Knight Templar Preceptory. Please review this website for further information.

We are always delighted to welcome new members – so if you are interested in joining us, then please contact our Provincial Grand Secretary or any of the local Chapels via their Secretary.

 Sir Roger of Canterbury

            Roger O'Brien

       Right Worthy Grand Preceptor

Province of the South Eastern Counties